New website provides insight into travel restrictions in European countries

Jun 23 2020, 11:01 am

For those daydreaming about the days when global travel is given the green light and trips to romantic destinations within Europe are permitted, a new tool is about to make things much more straightforward by cutting through the confusing language to provide an uncomplicated source of reliable information.

Members of the European Union have constructed a new platform to inform travellers of the most up-to-date, accurate information that clearly articulates which locations are open for international visitors. It also provides details regarding when they can visit, and what various procedures and protocols will be required of them upon their arrival.

The website, called Re-open EU, provides the most recent updates for all 27 member states regarding their various border restrictions, the most efficient route to reach your desired destination, as well as each country’s national website for COVID-19-related information.

You can also delve deeper into specific locations and learn rules surrounding factors such as whether wearing face masks is necessary, and if non-essential businesses are open.

Travellers can also find out if there is a recommended contact tracing app to download in that specific country as well as physical distancing guidelines, requirements surrounding health documents, and whether or not they can enter the country without being subject to mandatory quarantine.

Re-open EU also provides relevant instruction regarding the protocols are for visiting public venues and tourist attractions, including museums and beaches.

The website is updated regularly, and the information is available in 24 languages.

“While protecting the public health remains our priority, we want everyone to enjoy their holidays, to reunite with family and friends, and to be able to travel for any purpose,” the website’s home page explains. “This interactive tool provides you with the information that you need to confidently plan your European travel and holidays while staying healthy and safe.”

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