You can learn how to make soap at this Seattle workshop

Dec 6 2019, 9:02 pm

If you’ve ever fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole of soap making videos, you know¬†how satisfying it looks to make soap.

Here’s an example, in case you aren’t sure what we’re talking about:

Give soapmaking a shot by grabbing your friends and driving 20 minutes to Shoreline, where you can take part in a Soapmaking for Beginners workshop.

The focus of the class is the cold process soapmaking method, which involves mixing sodium hydroxide with water, blending it with fatty oils, and adding essential oils and natural colorants.

You’ll learn a bit of the history behind soap making, what making soap at home involves and requires, and get to know the differences between oils.


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After the class, don’t forget to take home your two-pound loaf of soap– a $40 value.

Soapmaking for Beginners

Where: Shoreline, Washington
When: Classes are by request; a minimum of 4 students is required for a class to take place
Price: $57


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