Main Street Gyro has been shut down due to food safety violations

Dec 10 2019, 4:44 pm

Gyros are great, but you may want to pass if they’re tainted.

Main Street Gyro, a King County-licensed mobile food truck, has just been shut down by the King County Public Health inspectors because of excessive red critical food safety violations scoring more than 90 points.

The truck frequently operated at 1st Avenue South and South Lander Street.

In Seattle, there are two critical violations: blue critical violations and red critical violations.

Blue critical violations are primarily maintenance and sanitation issues that are not likely to be the cause of food-borne illness, while red critical violations are food-handling practices that, when not done properly, are most likely to lead to food-borne illnesses. Main Street Gyro was, unfortunately, the latter.

Food-handling practices that could’ve amounted to their 90 points include the following:

  • Not controlling the temperature of the food (e.g., not cooking meats to the right temperature to kill food-borne disease germs, not keeping food hot or cold enough)
  • Not cooling food properly or washing hands
  • Improperly storing food
  • Improper serving practices, such as bare hands on “ready to eat” foods

The establishment will reopen once the inspector confirms that these issues have been resolved.

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