Seattle breweries work together to create Kveik Yeah! beer series

Jul 9 2020, 9:21 pm

Eight breweries in the South Seattle Brewery Coalition have come together to produce eight different versions of Kveik Yeah! — a beer brewed with the goal of spreading love and giving people the excuse to be disloyal and drink everywhere.

The breweries are deeming the project an “isolation collaboration,” as they’ve each produced a different beer with a unified ingredient: Kveik Yeast, a generations-old Norwegian yeast that “does magical things in high heat and little time.”

Participating breweries include Counterbalance BrewingElysian BrewingFlying Lion Brewing, Ghostfish Brewing CompanyJellyfish Brewing CompanyNW Peaks BreweryPerihelion Brewery, and Two Beers Brewing.

In celebration of the special Kveik Yeah! beers, the breweries are hosting a Tour de Kveik, which welcomes you to try out all eight brews on your own time. Each brewery requires guests to don a face mask at all times except when seated at a table.

South Seattle Breweries

South Seattle Breweries

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