6 must-try kombucha brands to sip on this summer

May 13 2020, 11:45 pm

This article was written as a guest post by Darian Kovacs.

Whether you are a part of the kombucha fan club or still acquiring the taste for it, kombucha is here to stay.

What seemed to start as another health food craze sweeping the nation back in 2017, has turned into a widely popular drink, available at grocery stores across North America.

Kombucha is created by fermenting tea, sugar, and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast also known as the SCOBY. The result is an effervescent, tangy beverage, with flavors ranging from dry to vinegary and everything in between.

While kombucha is often referred to as a miracle potion and health elixir, the beverage can not be proven to cure any ailments. However, it is known to have several health benefits, especially gut health. The fermentation process used to create kombucha produces antioxidants and probiotics that improve gut health and help the digestive tract absorb nutrients. Staying in good gut health has never been so delicious.

With so many options available, there is a kombucha that can appeal to everyone. Here are some awesome brands to try.



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Brewed and bottled in California, KeVita Kombucha is the brainchild of a winemaker and holistic nutritionist. After the two joined forces, the brand quickly took off. Every bottle of KeVita is crafted from their proprietary cultures and the finest ingredients to deliver a smooth taste, made with kosher and certified organic ingredients. Unfortunately, KeVita does pasteurize its products to improve shelf-life, and KeVita products also contain additional caffeine, which is great if you are looking for an extra boost, but less desirable for those looking for a purified product.

This brand is great for those new to kombucha, as it is heavy on flavor, light in fermentation, and includes 12 flavors ranging from classic Ginger to Dragonfruit Lemongrass.



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Proudly made in Montreal, Canada, Rise Kombucha is made with 100% raw kombucha. Locally produced, organic, fair-trade, and vegan, Rise has been growing quickly amongst Kombucha lovers. Unlike many commercialized brands, Rise contains visible pieces of the SCOBY, which may deter some drinkers from consuming the product. This particular brand contains more sugar than most brands, with 14 grams of sugar per bottle. Unique flavors such as Mint and Chlorophyll and Hibiscus and Rosehips create a diverse taste palette for those who love experimenting with new flavors.

Healthy Hooch


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After retiring as professional athletes, a young Canadian couple wanted to keep pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle. As a result, Healthy Hooch was born, a craft kombucha company in British Columbia. Made with real, raw kombucha, this certified organic brew stands out as it only contains four grams of sugar per 250mL and fewer calories than other brands. Their kombucha is produced in a state of the art facility with advanced brewing and fermentation equipment which in our opinion, sets them apart from others and is a result of the standard of excellence that translates from their careers as athletes. Made with certified organic ingredients, Healthy Hooch is real, raw and full of flavor. Find it in 500mL bottles at your local health-focused food store.

Brew Dr


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Brew Dr. was originally an American tea company but has since turned into a quality kombucha producer. Brew Dr. Tea Company, originally Townshend’s Tea Company, started with the passion of serving artisanal teas. This passion can be seen in their kombucha products, rich in tea flavor, but light in fermentation. Brew Dr. contains 14 grams of sugar per bottle, which is comparable to most brands. One thing that sets Brew Dr. apart is their availability of mixer packs. You can buy a half-dozen case of brews, each containing three flavors. These mixers are available at Costco and very popular for bulk buyer Kombucha lovers.



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Handcrafted in LA, GT’s Kombucha is one of the originals – with the first bottles hitting stores in the 90s. Created by a mother-son duo, GT’s was the first bottled kombucha to be sold on shelves in America. In their 25 years of experience, GT’s has brewed up a wide variety of flavors but still sells the classic original Kombucha without any added flavor. GT uses natural sweeteners like kiwi juice to sweeten their beverages but the brand stands out in true Kombucha flavor, with the fermentation being at the forefront of the taste. This one is best for those who love the unique flavor of pure kombucha and do not mind a bit of SCOBY in their beverage.

Bucha Brew


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Crafted in Vancouver, Bucha Brew considers itself to be the luxury brand, focused on a sustainable, high-quality product. Bucha Brew is significantly less carbonated than other brands, with minimal sugar and calories. Made with organic ingredients, Bucha Brew offers an authentic taste of real, raw kombucha. The flavors are comparable with the offerings of other brands but served in cans as well as glass bottles. This option is great for someone who is looking for the natural flavor of kombucha with minimal sugar and faint flavors. 

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