A new face mask is now available for people with beards

Oct 6 2020, 11:10 pm

For every bearded person who has struggled to stuff their whiskers into the confines of a face mask, this company has you covered — literally.

While standard masks can leave longer beards exposed, the Beard Tarp claims to “provide unrestricted beard protection while keeping it looking sharp.”

Created by Canadian brand Always Bearded, the masks are made from 100% cotton and feature three layers of protection, plus an additional filter layer. A removable aluminum nose bridge makes for fog-free glasses, and a patent-pending toggle system ensures a comfortable fit.

“When the pandemic hit, men started really growing these wild, Castaway beards. A small mask over a big beard looks ridiculous,” says Sven Hansen, the founder of Always Bearded. “We wanted to create something that would make people look and feel good.”

The demand for the Beard Tarp has been over the top. Since launching on September 28, they’ve sold over 2,000 Tarps, according to Hansen. To keep up with orders, they’ve partnered with a local manufacturing company that is able to pump out 500 masks per day.

Always Bearded plans to create a red version of the Beard Tarp for the holiday season and a flannel iteration for colder months. There will be a few limited-edition colors too.

While the masks are currently only available on the company’s Canadian website, selling for CAD $25, Hansen says they’re in talks to get them into other retailers.

“We’re adamant about people taking care of their beards,” says Hansen. “We knew we had to evolve to accommodate that.”

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