You could receive a free tree from the City of Seattle this week

Oct 7 2020, 6:09 pm

Those who’d ordered a free tree in August from the tree-riffic Trees for Neighborhoods program should expect to receive their trees any day now.

Tree deliveries began on October 3, and could take over a month to deliver all of the trees, according to the city.

The Trees for Neighborhoods program launched in 2009 and allows Seattleites to receive up to four trees as well as plant care training, a watering bag, mulch, and permits for free.

The program has brought over 10,300 trees to the city which “cleans our air and water, makes the streets more walkable, and the neighborhoods healthier overall.”

This year, hopeful tree owners were able to choose from a variety of trees: grand fir, western red cedar, Skylands oriental spruce, tulip tree, white oak, American beech, Emerald Ave European Hornbeam, City Sprite Zelkova, Spring Showers Japanese Snowbell, Chinese fringe tree, June snow giant dogwood, and Amur Maackia.

Those interested in receiving trees next year can look out for sign up starting in mid-July.

Alyssa TherrienAlyssa Therrien

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