Frankie and Jo's has just released three new holiday-themed ice cream flavors

Dec 5 2019, 7:04 pm

Frankie and Jo’s is a straight-up haven for plant-based, gluten-free ice cream, and just in time for the holidays, the creators have come up¬†with three new flavors based on their own classic holiday favorites: cured persimmon pudding, oatnog, and peppermint supercookie.

These new flavors will surely remind you of your own holiday traditions!


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Cured persimmon pudding is their take on sticky toffee pudding. It consists of rich spice cake pieces folded throughout butterscotch ice cream, with ribbons of gooey caramel laced within each scoop. The spice cake includes pieces of six-week-cured persimmons, a Japanese hoshigaki-style persimmon guaranteed to be of perfect ripeness.

Oatnog is Frankie and Jo’s version of egg nog, of course, without the egg. To create the ice cream, oat milk and coconut milk are combined, and infused with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Peppermint supercookie is a festive, rich vegan chocolate peppermint ice cream with peppermint supercookie dough bites mixed throughout. This flavor is sweetened with coconut sugar and maple syrup.

Their everyday flavors include the following:

  • Salty caramel ash
  • Brown sugar vanilla
  • Mint brownie
  • Gingerbread golden milk
  • Jamocha chaga fudge
  • California cabin
  • Chocolate tahini supercookie
  • Date shake
  • Chocolate date
  • Beet strawberry rose sorbet

Frankie & Jo’s¬†

Hours: 12 to 11 pm
Location: 1010 East Union Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-557-4603

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