9 Seattle shops that encourage sustainable living

Jan 13 2021, 12:39 am

How we think about and approach shopping changes as we grow older.

At a time when there is much uncertainty in the world, many people want to support local businesses that align with their values and promote a greener future.

The choices we make today have the power to make tomorrow a more sustainable place. Instead of focusing on the things you can’t control, think about what’s possible by supporting innovators in the local community.

Here is a list of nine eco-friendly businesses in Seattle to help you get started.



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Public is a neighborhood low-waste living shop and go-to resource for sustainable goods and refills. They believe that by going back-to-basics, we can reduce single-use products and food waste.

Location: 3836 California Avenue SW West, Seattle

Prairie Underground

Prairie Underground is an apparel manufacturer “committed to designing modern uniforms that evoke sensuality in daily self-expression.” The company is committed to ensuring that their garments are ecologically and ethically sustainable by hemp and organic cotton as well as recycled materials.

Location: 940 S Harney Street, Seattle

Eco Collective


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