You may start to see Costco samples returning to warehouses this year

Mar 12 2021, 9:30 pm

If you’ve ever stepped foot into a Costco, you know that samples are the best part of the entire shopping trip.

On March 12, 2020, a representative of a Seattle Costco told Daily Hive that all vendors had ceased handing out samples and instead were working on sanitizing the store.

Now, exactly one year later, the staff of vendor company CDS has since returned to their booths, only this time informing customers about products without handing out any samples. This may change in the near future, as Costco is working on ways to bring samples back.

A store representative in Seattle confirmed with Daily Hive that their management team has received notice of the company’s efforts in trying to bring samples back into the Costco experience. While they don’t yet have a complete timeline or knowledge of how the samples would roll out, staff have confirmed that each sample will be individually packaged.

Several Costco employees on Twitter have been sharing information stating that samples could return as early as within the next three weeks.

While we wait for more news about the amazing samples, do remember that you’re not alone in missing the little treats.

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