Everything you need for your back to school shopping list this year

Aug 24 2020, 10:22 am

With school just around the corner, it’s just about time to back-to-school shop. However, this year you’ll need to add a couple of different items to your shopping list to stay safe on campus.

Education this fall will look a little bit different for everyone, depending on where you live as provinces set their school reopening plans.

Regardless of where you live, back-to-school shopping will inevitably be slightly different this year. If you’re worried that you might be missing something on your list, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of this year’s back-to-school essentials:

Face mask

Chances are you’ve probably already picked up a face mask or two for yourself and your family. But as some students will be required to wear a non-medical facial covering in class, it’s important to be stocked up.

Old Navy is selling kids triple-layer face masks in packages of three for $12. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors and even include a mesh zip-front laundry bag for easy washing.

Hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer is an important shopping item for back-to-school, this year. These anti-bacterial sanitizers from Bath & Body Works kill 99% of most common germs – and also smell amazing. You can buy classic Bath & Body Works scents like Japanese Cherry Blossom or venture out of your comfort zone and try their new Vampire Blood sanitizer.

The company even sells hand sanitizer key-chain holders so that students can easily attach them to their backpacks or pencil cases and have their disinfectant constantly on them.

Antibacterial wipes

Students may want to bring some disinfecting wipes to school with them as an added precaution, to stay safe. The great thing is, you can buy them in mini travel packs, like these individually wrapped antibacterial face and hand wipes that are pocket-sized.

Disposable gloves

Although it’s not a requirement, some students may feel a little safer wearing disposable gloves at school. Amazon is currently selling a 100-pack of non-powdered gloves for $34.


Like every other year, students are going to need basic stationery to bring to the classroom with them. Lucky for you, Staples is offering some pretty sweet deals at the moment. They even have an entire portion of their website dedicated to back-to-school.

Pencil case

A good pencil case is a back-to-school essential, and you can pick one up from pretty much anywhere. If you’re looking to grab one that is easy to clean after a day at school, we recommend one with a hard shell.


Your back-to-school shopping list really isn’t complete without a new backpack. And once again, you can pick up your choice of bag anywhere, but don’t forget to include this item on your list.

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