What to eat in Portland today: Proud Mary Coffee

Aug 19 2020, 2:20 pm

Proud Mary Coffee came to the United States to share an entire country’s love and variation on the beloved drip beverage and its co-starring accouterments.

It’s no secret, the Pacific Northwest is really (really) good at coffee. The glorious art of bean juice conjuration is something that is at its peak in our region. So much so that some of our brands are world-renowned.

So, when I say that one of Portland’s greatest caffeine drip depots is from Australia, you will be forgiven in wondering how that can happen.

Proud Mary Coffee is one of the few brands that have built a fanbase in the United States after being born in Australia. Since 2009, PMC has gifted the world with some of the tastiest hot beverages but further excels in the art of the snack and side dishes.


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“Like our big sister cafe Proud Mary in Melbourne Australia, the café in the Alberta Arts District offers all the goods things in life,” reads their website. “We thrilled to be using fresh, healthy, sustainable, ethically and locally sourced producers.”

What to order

If you thought that you’ve experienced the best of what the coffee bean has to offer than you’re in for a real treat at this Aussie favorite. With a plethora of astounding options to choose from in the city, it’s this spot that brings a new level of enjoyment to the energy-boosting beverages.


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An exceptionally potent menu item here — especially as we continue to deal with high-temperatures and a baking lack of rainfall — is the Australian-style iced coffee, fit with ice cream and all.

You can order pick-up items from this particularly phenomenal shop via UpServe.

Proud Mary Coffee

Address: 2012 NE Alberta Street, Portland
Phone: 503-208-3475


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