What to eat in Portland today: Portlandia Foods

May 21 2020, 11:39 pm

Normally here at Dished, we come to you with the best, the newest, and the most delicious meals available, whether they are on the road, in our home towns, or slightly off the beaten path. Today, we have a special treat for you.

Portlandia Foods makes all things sauce, and they take pride in their ingredients, the flavors, and the Portland spirit.

Taking condiments to new, delicious, organic heights is their game. These saucy delights can spark a fire during bland meals and take exciting ones to an entirely new level.


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“Condiments are loved the world over,” reads the Portlandia Foods website. “We understand their incredible value in spicing up our lives and enhancing what’s already there.”

What to order

Though they offer smooth and spicy mustard, epic barbeque sauce, and multiple Worcestershires, it’s the Portland Ketchup that has won the hearts of Oregonians and beyond.


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Made with organic and local ingredients, you can taste the tomato flavors mixed with the spices like no other ketchup on Earth. You can order it online, or in many local grocery stores.

Extreme ketchup lovers can get a 2.5-gallon box with a spout.

Portlandia Foods

Address: 12665 NE Marx Street, Portland
Phone: 833-739-3663


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