9 of the best off-leash and fenced dog parks in Portland

Feb 24 2021, 11:55 pm

Your dog deserves to run around without a leash on sometimes.

Rather than monitoring them in your backyard, alone, bring them out to an off-leash dog park where they can socialize and meet other cuddly canines.

You may prefer fenced sites for your dog as they can roam freely without the risk of running away or onto incoming traffic. All fenced sites in Portland are open from 5 am to midnight.

Here are nine of our favorite off-leash dog parks in Portland:

Brentwood Park


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Brentwood Park is a wonderful family park. It features a fenced, half-acre off-leash area with plastic bags available. There is no water on-site, however, so dog owners should bring their own.

Location: SE 60th Avenue and Duke

Chimney Park 


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Chimney Park is a 16.76-acre park that includes a walking path. It’s a great place for friendly dogs to run around and meet.

Location: 9360 N Columbia Boulevard

The Fields 


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The Fields is a large open field for downtown dogs. The north side of The Fields features a fenced dog park, half of which is reserved for smaller dogs and the other half for larger dogs.

Location: NW 11th Avenue and Overton Street

Gabriel Park 

Gabriel Park features a 1.5-acre off-leash dog park. The area is fenced and has fresh water and poop bags available for your pets.

Location: SW 45th Avenue and Vermont Street

Luuwit View Park

Luuwit View Park features a large fenced-in dog area with paths. The area is mainly flat with a few large stairs.

Location: NE 127th Avenue and Fremont Street

Lynchwood Park 


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Lynchwood Park features a one-acre pet-friendly off-leash dog park area. There are benches and picnic tables available as well.

Location: SE 170th Avenue and Haig Street

Normandale Park 

Normandale Park features a 1.5-acre off-leash dog run area. Fresh water is available at the park, free poop bags are not.

Location: NE 57th Avenue and Halsey Street

Sacajawea Park 

This neighborhood park is rather small but has everything dogs need. As it’s not as maintained as the others, you may want to bring your own water and waste bags in case there are none the day you visit.

Location: NE 75th Avenue and Alberta Street

Wallace Park 


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There’s a fenced dog run in the northeast area of the park. Water is available nearby, but bowls and waste bags are necessary.

Location: NW 25th Avenue and Raleigh

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