Oregon Health Authority denounces Trump's recommended medication

Apr 15 2020, 1:11 pm

The Oregon Health Authority has published a list of commonly mentioned medications connected to the coronavirus, stating that they do not work.

While healthcare professionals continue to solve a global problem by inventing vaccines, and antibody tests, a public in panic is often susceptible to “suggested” cures — especially if they come from the leader of the country.

Among many, the OHA makes mention that drugs like hydroxychloroquine — a malaria medication being promoted by President Donald Trump as a “game-changer” — should not be ingested.

As for why the president is suggesting Americans take drugs like hydroxychloroquine, Trump said “What do you have to lose?” during his White House Coronavirus Task Force update on April 4.

Also included on the list of so-called-remedies to the coronavirus that the OHA is trying to convince the public to avoid ingesting are bleach, hydrogen peroxide, excess colloidal silver, excess vitamin D, and “anything to be purported to be a COVID cure.”

“There are currently no medications or treatments that are effective at preventing or treating COVID-19,” writes OHA on Twitter. “And many of the home remedies people have tried are dangerous.”

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