Portland small business spotlight: Oblation Papers & Press

Sep 2 2020, 11:38 am

There are few businesses in Portland that embody the idea of do-it-yourself, weirdness, and purpose that Rose City is known for more than Oblation Papers.

Opened in the late 1980s by husband and wife duo Jennifer and Ron Rich, Oblation Papers & Press has been making artisan paper products in Portland for more than 30 years. Now, it is among the peak of quality and exemplary institutes around the city for those looking for unique stationery or crafting products.


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For pen geeks, this shop offers up one of the most vibrant and well-made selections of notebooks, writing tools of all sizes and uses, custom-made papers and cards, and even typewriters.

A staple in Portland, this business is also a major part of the Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP), which brings the joy and wonder of art to children in need.

In addition to their philanthropy, the Rich’s have always put a huge focus on recycling. “We have always been attracted to the benefits and practicality of recycling,” reads the Oblation about us page.

“In fact, our business has its roots in taking unwanted paper products, converting them back into pulp, and making it into fresh, new paper.”


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“In the urban paper mill, we employ traditional techniques to make handmade paper sheets with a 100% cotton, acid-free fiber source by using recycled remnants from the garment industry.”

For anything needed in order to send that letter, write that book, practice those illustrations, and so much more, Oblation is the absolute best place to go in the region.

Oblation Paper & Press

Address: 516 NW 12th Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503-223-1093

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