What to eat in Portland today: Handmade Pasta at Mucca Osteria

Nov 2 2020, 8:43 pm

One very special place in Oregon, Mucca Osteria, goes above and beyond to hand-make some extremely sensational pasta dishes that will fill your heart with joy.

We’re fans of the quick and dirty, especially when it comes to street foods, fast food, and that which calls for some extra grease; however, there is something specifically epic about the genuine wonder that is handmade pasta.

Foods that take the time to be made well, with perseverance and quality atop their list of focus and purpose, have the ability to completely make your day. Feels good, and tastes good.


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Normally we would spend some time hyping up some things on the menu at a favorite spot, only to pull a fast one on you and suggest that our must-eat item is something else. However, this isn’t the case with the astounding selection at Mucca Osteria.

What to order

Anything. No seriously. Depending on your protein preference or sauce particulars, we can vouch for and highly recommend literally any past on their menu.


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Whether you are a fan of squishy and chewy gnocchi, life-changing stuffed pasta, or handmade classics like spaghettini or tagliatelle, we are sure that you can find a dish to gush about at Mucca Osteria.

Mucca Osteria

Address: 1022 SW Morrison Street, Portland
Phone: 503-227-5521
Order: mucca-osteria-order.com


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