What to eat in Portland today: Milk+T features exclusive Rip City magic

Aug 5 2020, 12:16 pm

In a world in which drinks and portable eats are the norm, notable establishments have gone on to adapt and expand on how and why they are able to get the goods into your paws. Milk+T is one of those delicious depots, and their glassware is just as easy to enjoy, even well after the beverage you got inside is gone.

Born in Los Angeles, as a “self-serve” boba tea truck, Milk+T came to the Pacific Northwest with the purpose of bringing sustainable and tasty teas to the weird-capital of the world.

Using key ingredients like lactose-free milk, artisan boba tapioca balls, and independent honey, Milk+T is just as fresh as it is exhilarating to drink. Making things even better, their teas come in one of the nicest glass bottles you’ll ever add to your kitchen cycle.


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Expanding their menu still, this unique shop offers up iced teas, iced coffees, and premium blends topped with hearty scoops of ice cream.

What to order

There is no losing with this fantastic menu. And we suggest that you collect as many of these fine glass jars as you can. However, if you’re going to head out to Beaverton to stop by Milk+T, you’ve got one option (unique to our location) that tops the charts.


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The Rip City premium boba tea is made with almond milk, handcrafted black sesame, and topped with a stunningly soothing scoop of cookies and cream ice cream. This is decadent, PDX pride, in a glass.


Address: 4545 SW Angel Avenue #160, Beaverton, OR
Phone: 971 270 6110


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