Lincoln City and Estacada area raised to "Leave NOW!" evacuation order

Sep 9 2020, 2:41 pm

As of this afternoon, evacuation warnings for the Estacada region of Clackamas County has been upgraded to Level 3 orders, which means residents must leave immediately.

Previously, we issued a story that had the Estacada region of Northern Oregon as Level 2 — which meant that residents of the area should be ready to leave at a moments notice. Now, Clackamas County emergency services have upgraded the area to Level 3.

Residents of Estacada, Springwater, Currinsville, George, and Bissell are requested to evacuate their homes and find shelter outside of the current evacuation zone.

In addition to the growing Riverside wildfire, most of Lincoln City in Oregon has also been raised to Level 3 “go NOW!” status,  which can be seen on this updated evacuation map from Lincoln County.

It is crucial that Oregonians follow the orders of emergency services as the wildfires continue to burn out of control and cause immense damage throughout the state.

Both the Lincoln City region of the coast and the Estacada region of Clackamas County have been updated to “go NOW!” status.

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