What to eat around Portland today: Khao Moo Dang

Oct 14 2020, 6:56 pm

If you’re hunting for the best place to eat in or around Portland today, and are hoping for a bit of warmth to cap off your Wednesday, we suggest you check out the delicious food at Khao Moo Dang.

As residents of the Pacific Northwest, we’re all too familiar with the idea of warming up our bodies with a hot meal in the fall and winter months.

With the autumn weather bringing days of straight rain and cooler temperatures, we’re all in great need of a steamy meal to shake the chill from our bones.


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Thanks to some spectacular combinations, and influences from their sister restaurant Thai Peacock, Khao Moo Dang serves up a serious contender to battle ramen out of your top spot of go-to warm bowls this cold season.

What to order

There is an exceptional, award-worthy selection of nearly unbeatable eats at this spot. So much so that we wouldn’t blame you for loading up on dishes that include their signature crispy pork; however, there is one specific dish we beg you to try.


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The Ba-Mhee Tom-Yum at Khao Moo Dang is something out of this world. A heaping portion of egg noodles, five-spice pork loin, crispy pork belly, soft boiled eggs, dumplings, and yu-choy, topped with a large ladle of spicy hot and sour soup, transforms this dreamy delight into a dish to easily rival your current favorite comfort meal.

Khao Moo Dang

Address: 3145 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland
Phone: 503-206-6838


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