What to eat in Portland today: FAT Cupcake

Jul 2 2020, 3:05 pm

Sweet lovers and cake aficionados rejoice, the cupcake is officially the perfect treat. No, this hasn’t been decided by any governing body; it’s just an expression of the facts.

The cupcake is the flawless portion and gives baked-good fans the cake they deserve, and those sweet tooths will be satiated. Especially in the modern gastronomy environment.

One particular spot in the Portland metro area (actually they have three shops now), is the ever succulent and completely wondrous FAT Cupcake. “Growing up my mom always told me, ‘Life is unpredictable, eat dessert first!’ And that is exactly what I did,” writes FAT Cupcakes founder Anjelica on their website.


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This expressive and unique bakery has been serving up some of the best handheld cake desserts for some time now, and there is no sign of them slowing down.

What to order

While we could easily suggest that any cupcake fan should contract FAT Cupcakes for their special events like weddings and catered gatherings. It’s also crucial that patrons check the FAT special board when they go into the shop because you never know what type of signature deliciousness may be available.


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The Suit & Tie, Mona Lisa, and Good Gracious are some of the best cupcakes we’ve ever had. However, it’s the FAT Cupcake that takes the cake (pun intended). This offering comes in three flavors and is a gigantic cupcake that serves up to eight people! It’s a can’t-miss dessert experience.

FAT Cupcake

Address: 19273 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City
Phone: 503 518 0110

Address: 6011 S. E. 72nd Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503 775 0731

Address: 13203 172nd Avenue Suite 170, Happy Valley
Phone: 971 224 4286

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