Dear Portland: Rants on Reddit for the week: March 2 to 6

Mar 7 2020, 1:04 am

Closing the book on this week has become a truly lovable experience here, as it means we get to go through some of the rants found on the Dear Portland subreddit thread.

Here are some of the best Portland rants on Reddit from the week of March 2 to 6.

Party Pack of Dog Food

It’s hard to deal with public panic. Especially as it comes to going about your life in what should honestly be a normal way. The amount of people snatching up all sorts of things from grocers and big-box stores is frustrating, but over-preparedness actually causes minimal harm.

What you should be doing, Things2021, is going to a locally owned pet store to grab your dog’s food. Support local and buy high-quality food. Your dog, and the traffic in front of Costco, will thank you.

Pa-pa-pa-Poker Face

In light of the alarming spread of coronavirus, the CDC and health officials around the globe are continuing to push the message that citizens need to up their cleanliness rituals.

Convincing your brain to not instinctively touch your face, brush through your hair, and all of these other things we do so often, is nearly impossible without sincere focus and practice.

A Tasty Tale of Woes

Though many turn to alcohol to lessen their stress, oftentimes it’s this sedative-like experience that causes folk to become dependant to the beverages.

However, because alcohol alters the brain’s serotonin and neurotransmitters, it can sometimes cause a larger spike in anxiety. This rush of anxiety will also worsen as the alcohol wears off in your system.

As both an anxious and sober human, I can attest that the world out there contains many delicious alternatives to alcohol. Make the best life choice for you, especially if your anxiety is spiking because of your consumption.

Great SNOT!

We’ve gone over how bicycle-friendly Portland is, and the city does a large share of work to make life for cyclists better within their limits.

Unfortunately, this consideration isn’t always passed on between cyclists. Overall-Paramedic has experienced something few have, but those that do will never forget. It’s absolutely repulsive.

C’mon Portland, be considerate to your fellow cyclists. Also, no one should be expelling their nostrils in public without the catcher’s mitt of a tissue.

Rebellious IF-er

Trust us, you’re not alone. Self-doubt is a hard weight to lift, and there is no greater teacher than time and trust. Trust in yourself and your process. It’s also not a bad idea to surround yourself with supportive people that can discourage self-doubt and lift you up.

Just be you, work hard, and trust that you’re good enough.

Hi So Tired, I’m Dad

Well, that’s a real mood right there.

I agree, Walkingcalamity05.

*looks at clock*

Oh! It’s nap hour.

Until next time, Portland.

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