7 weird bars to liven up a night out in Portland

Nov 20 2019, 2:00 pm

After a seemingly endless week at work, it’s tempting to go to your tried-and-true watering hole and enjoy a couple of drinks with your friends.

But why throw yourself at the same bar every weekend when there is a plethora of unique (read, weird) bars in the Pacific Northwest! Life is too short not to drink from a flaming tiki bowl, so do yourself a favor and try out these 7 spots in PDX.

The Tardis Room

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The Tardis Room is a Doctor Who-themed bar in Portland that takes its fish and chips very seriously. Freshly made chips and battered fish is cooked with the highest English sensibilities. Word of advice, though, English chips are not French fries, so don’t be disappointed if your order of fish and chips appears in front of you with limp, soft cuts of potatoes. But don’t underestimate these little potato buggers; a dash of malt vinegar brings them to life.

Address: 218 N Killingsworth Street, Portland

Phone: 503-287-5335

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Ground Kontrol

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If you love arcades and pin ball machines, look no further. Ground Kontrol is an arcade with a booze problem, or a booze Mecca with an arcade problem (you decide). Either way, we’re not complaining, because Ground Kontrol features a full-service bar with delicious drinks and food options, along with all the trimmings of an arcade. Expect over 100 video games, 40.5 pinball machines, and game tournaments.

Address: 115 NW 5th Avenue, Portland

Phone: 503-796-9364

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The Nerd Out

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Nerd out on a night out at The Nerd Out. This comic-book-themed pub features super fun cosplay nights (if that’s your thing). Plus, their cocktails are surprisingly delicious and will have you feeling like a superhero in no time.

Address: 3308 SE Belmont Street, Portland

Phone: 503-233-1225

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The Lovecraft Bar

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The Lovecraft Bar is not for the faint of heart. The horror-themed night club and bar is a boozy ode of sorts to the era of “Tim Burton-esque dark, romantic humor,” as well as the more classically terrifying horror tropes from ye olde.

If you’re looking to scare the living daylights out of yourself while still having a good time, this is the place for you!

Address: 421 SE Grand Avenue, Portland

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The Alibi

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The Alibi is a delightful tiki bar that will transport you to Hawaii. Their tropical cocktails, warm and inviting decor, and wild karaoke are all the perfect ingredients for the best night out in town.

Address: 4024 N Interstate Avenue, Portland

Phone: 503-287-5335

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Bible Club

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This speakeasy has an incredible antique-filled ambiance that will transport you at least a century into the past. The bar features incredible house-made tinctures and delicious libations that will give you a boozy vintage experience like no other.

Address: 6716 SE 16th Avenue, Portland

Phone: 971-279-2198

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Hale Pete


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Another tiki gem in Portland, Hale Pete is an explosion of tropical vibes and cocktails. Their menu features yummy drinks with a Polynesian twist as well as small plates to satisfy your appetite. Our favourite cocktail is the Bokola, a dreamy and heady mix of blackberry puree, rum, honey, citrus, and secret spices.

Address: 2733 NE Broadway Street, Portland

Phone: 503-662-8454

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