5 best Portland soup spots offering delivery or pick-up

Mar 30 2020, 5:39 pm

Even though spring has officially sprung, the Pacific Northwest is no stranger to the gristle of a cold wind that can chill your bones. The perfect solution is a wickedly delicious bowl of hot soup.

Portland, with its vastness of options, is home to some of the best bowls of warmth you could ask for.

We can all use a little warm pick-me-up these days. Here are the five best Portland restaurants offering up a bowl of soup for delivery or pick-up.

Portland Kettle


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Portland Kettle is a good old fashion shop that serves up some of the city’s best in bowled deliciousness. Straight from the kettle and into a bowl, highlights of their amazing menu include the Split Pea soup and their numerous tasty stews.

Address: 1344 SW 3rd Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503-227-1344

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Elephants Delicatessen


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The home of Mama Leone’s — one of the most talked about bowls of soup in all of Portland — Elephants Delicatessen is both open for pick-up as well as delivery. Get yourself some or all of their delicious dishes now.

Address: 115 NW 22nd Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503-299-6304

Address: 700 SE Clay Street, Portland
Phone: 503-224-3955

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This popular soup company has an actual retail location now in Portland. Get some of the most vibrant and tasty soup combinations made anywhere in Portland, right to your door.

Address: 1140 SE 7th Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503-897-8464

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Spoons on 5th


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As part of the Portland favorite food cart parking lot on the corner of 5th Avenue and Harvey Milk Street, Spoons on 5th is hands down one of the best soup spots in the entire state. Plenty of their menu classics are among the best soups we’ve ever had, anywhere.

Address: 340 SW 5th Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503-227-0705

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Addy’s Sandwich Bar


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There’s nothing more important to a sandwich establishment than offering up some stellar soups to complement your bread-based concoctions. Addy’s got the memo, and they serve up soups that Portland just can’t stop talking about.

Address: 340 SW 5th Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503-227-0705

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BONUS – Stone Soup


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Possibly one of the grandest kitchens you’ll ever come across, Stone Soup “provides dignity” by teaching at-risk or homeless citizens how to work in a kitchen environment, setting them up for possible jobs in their time of need. Stone Soup is also known for whipping up some of the finest soups.

While you can’t get Stone Soup right now since they are closed to the public, they are continuing to work with at-risk Portlandians and with new and old shelters around Portland that are in dire need of food during this unprecedented time. So, we wanted to show them some love.

You can support Stone Soup now with donations and eagerly await their re-opening for some delectable dishes to consume.

Address: 306 NW Broadway, Portland
Phone: 503-719-4772


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