7 Portland pho spots that will warm you up from the inside out

Nov 27 2019, 4:31 pm

Nothing beats a steaming bowl of pho on a cold winter’s evening. Chewy rice noodles drowning in a big bowl of rich, flavorful broth with generous lashings of meat shavings, Thai basil, beansprouts, and Sriracha…this popular and humble Vietnamese noodle soup is perfect for those days when you want something slurpy, soupy, and just plain delicious.

Here are seven spots in Portland that serve up some sexy bowls of pho that will satisfy your soul.

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen


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Made with their “grandmother’s secret recipe,” their classic beef pho is made with a secret recipe five-spice beef broth, served with cilantro, red/green onions, sprouts, Thai basil, jalapeños, and lime. They also have a veggie broth and veggie pho option for all you herbivores out there.

Address: 835 SW 2nd Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503-222-0047

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Cuốn – Vietnamese Street Food


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Authentic Vietnamese food that comes in huge portions at great prices. You can’t go wrong with their menu items. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, we recommend their shrimp pho with gluten-free chicken broth.

Address: 600 SW 4th Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503-224-0282

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The Boiling Bowl


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The Boiling Bowl takes pho to a whole new level. Their lobster pho is fancy and delicious and combines the humble flavors of the Vietnamese street food classic with Portland’s love of a good culinary adventure.

Address: 103 NW 21st Avenue, Portland
Phone: 971-888-4255

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Pho Corner


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This cosy and intimate little Vietnamese restaurant offers up a huge selection of authentic fare, including bun vermicelli noodles, pho, and authentic Vietnamese stir fry.

Address: 6120 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland
Phone: 503-281-0215


Pho An Sandy


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You can’t really mention this popular Vietnamese joint without talking about their duck soup. Braised duck in a rich broth with egg noodles makes this a decadent option for those nights when you just want to spoil yourself.

Address: 6236 NE Sandy Blvd Portland
Phone: 503-281-2990




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This family-run, quaint little Vietnamese establishment serves up classic, non-nonsense pho with all the trimmings. If you’re itching for a pho fixing, you can’t go wrong with Pho TNT.

Address: 120 SW Ankeny Street, Portland
Phone: 503-241-5085


Pho Nguyen


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Probably one of the best pho spots in all of Portland, Pho Nguyen comes pretty darn close to the pho you get in Vietnam. Rich and deep beef broth and perfectly al dente noodles with all the classic fixings make this place A+ in our eyes.

Address:  4795 SW 77th Avenue, Portland,
Phone: 503-297-3389