What to eat in Portland today: 180 Xurros and Xocolata

Jul 23 2020, 10:08 pm

We’re fortunate, folks, to have an establishment making true churro splendor in 180 Xurros and Xocolata.

If you’ve ever been to Mexico, then you’ve probably discovered that some of the traditional desserts and snacks in that regional cuisine mark a pinnacle in perfection.

The churro, covered in it’s sugary glory, is among sweet eats royalty. Churros, and the practice of precisely poised chocolate, are intimately crafted in many places. 180 Xurros and Xocolata does those two things to the point of reaching sweet excellence.

Taking it up more than one notch, 180 ensures that each of their hand-crafted treats and beverages come from quality, with the purity of their traditional recipes and a desire to bring these beloved bites to the people of Portland.


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“Our name 180 comes from the temperature the xurros are fried to crispy golden deliciousness at 180 degrees celsius,” reads their website. “At 180, we believe in quality over quantity; this is why all our products are made fresh daily, in small batches. We handcraft everything in-house, we source the finest Pacific North West local ingredients we can find, and we focus on supporting local first and foremost.”

What to order

While there are fantastic items in abundance on the menu at 180 Xurros, from dipped churros to stuffed churros and their extraordinary xocolata, it’s without a doubt that everyone needs to try the standard fare first and foremost.


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Lightly dusted in sugars and cinnamons, these Spanish doughnuts are fried to flawlessness. They are absolutely, heroically, and authentically delicious and meticulously made with love. Made even more heavenly by dipping them into a cup of house-made hot chocolate.

180 Xurros and Xocolata

Address: 601 SW 11th Avenue, Portland
Phone: 503-477-9163

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