You can become the conductor of a water fountain at this Montreal art installation

Mar 29 2017, 2:58 pm

As if Quartier des Spectacles could get any cooler…

In addition to the beloved 21 Swings, Montreal will see a second interactive installation taking up residency near Place des Arts this spring.

Perfectly complementing the 21 swings, this installation will also relates to music. It is none other than Maestro, an installation that allows Montrealers to become the conductor of a water fountain.

Sound a little bit confusing? Here’s how it works. There will be a podium set up in front of a water fountain in Quartier des Spectacles. There is also a motion-sensored baton. When someone stands on the podium, picks up the baton, and waves it around, the water fountain will mimic their movements.

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More specifically, the official website says, “the spouts will activate in sync with your motions and the music.” In essence, this art installation will make you feel like the conductor of a grand water symphony orchestra.

Open between May 8th and May 28th, you have less than three weeks to check out this unique art installation in Quartier des Spectacles.


When: May 8-28, 2017
Where: Quartier des Spectacles