VIDEO: This is what tourists really think of Montreal

Mar 24 2017, 7:21 pm

Every Montrealer has a certain idea of what makes the city special…it could be the incredible food, the city’s bilingualism, or even its historical architecture. However, sometimes us locals take it for granted and even forget why we love it here (certainly in the depths of winter it can be difficult to remember just how magnificent Montreal really is).

Well, here to remind us of our city’s awesomeness is none other than a group of tourists.

This hilarious and heart-warming 7 minute video documents tourists from all over the world exploring Montreal.

From marvelling at the Notre Dame Basilica in Old Port to eating poutine with “squeaky cheese” at La Banquise, this compilation is sure to remind you just how great Montreal is.

Watch the video titled “Montreal through the Eyes of Tourists” below.