Ukraine flags fly as Montreal's Russian consulate continues to be vandalized

Mar 16 2022, 8:24 pm

Blood-coloured snow can still be seen in front of Montreal’s Consulate General of the Russian Federation on du Musée street. It is a lasting remnant of the hundreds of anti-war protestors who have smeared the front of the consulate building with red paint over the past few weeks.

It is also a reminder that more unrest is still to come.

A Ukrainian flag has also been spray-painted onto the front of the building’s fence.

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Al Sciola

“There are demonstrations there every day,” says city councilor Serge Sasseville, who lives across the street from the Russian consulate.

The elected official is not just a bystander to the protests, though. Sasseville has recently decorated the front of his home, which faces the consulate, with Ukrainian flags as a symbol of support for the invaded country.

“Protestors often leave behind items that are removed at the end of the day by consulate employees. They make it look, aside from the red paint, as if  nothing happened,” he explains. “I thought I had a responsibility to publicly show my opposition to Putin and the killing of the Ukrainian people.”

The Delegue Commercial De Pologne, which can be found adjacent to the Russian consulate has also made their support for Ukraine clear with their share of anti-war billboards.

Al Sciola

Sasseville’s activism has not stopped with the flags, though. He tells Daily Hive that he walks over to the Russian consulate at least once a day and plays the Ukrainian anthem on a Bluetooth speaker multiple times.

Sasseville says that his neighbours have supported his new daily habit. One, a Ukrainian man, personally thanked him on Wednesday.

He also plans to continue attending the weekly protests in front of the federal building.

Daily Hive has reached out to Montreal’s Russian consulate for comment.

Al SciolaAl Sciola

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