Everything you need to about Teo Taxi

Jun 7 2016, 11:11 pm

For those that haven’t heard, Teo Taxi is essentially Uber for the eco-conscious Montrealer.

Teo is a taxi service founded in Quebec that is 100% electric. The Teo fleet operates in a similar style to Uber. There is a Teo mobile app (available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play) that allows you to order a car and see how far away a Teo car is. In addition, all payments are made via credit card using the Teo mobile app.

Why take a Teo Taxi over an Uber or licensed Montreal taxi? In addition to the environmental benefits of using an electric car, every electric car in Teo’s fleet is equipped with free Wi-Fi and tablets.

Teo employs a fleet of 60 electric cars made up of Kia Souls and Teslas, and currently uses 10 charging stations. The Kia Souls are used for Teo’s basic taxi service, while the Teslas are reserved for the premium Teo Noir service offering Montrealers the chance to “travel in style.”

In terms of how the taxi service operates, Teo has been given permission from the government to rent taxi licenses and assign them to particular cars, as opposed to individuals. This allows Teo Taxi to swap out cars that need to be recharged in the middle of the day. In essence, Teo is able to run efficiently because their 60-car fleet has more cars than licenses.

Teo follows the regulations of the Committee on Transport Quebec in terms of pricing. Rates start at $3.45 and the rider is charge $1.70 per km and $0.63 per minute of waiting.

Teo Taxi is currently available city-wide.

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