Take a virtual tour inside Hydro Quebec's generating facility

Oct 6 2016, 6:07 pm

Hydro Quebec just released a video that invites Canadians to have a look inside a hydroelectric generating facility and it’s pretty damn cool.

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The video, titled “Virtual reality visit of a hydroelectric generating facility,” takes viewers on a virtual tour of the Baie-James Region and most notably, inside Hydro Quebec’s Robert-Bourassa generating facility.

Thanks to the 360 degree video, the experience is completely immersive, and shows the public a side of the company few people know anything about.

The video is voiced by Marie Eve, and for optimal viewing Hydro Quebec recommends watching the video on your smartphone or tablet through the YouTube app.

Now get ready to learn about the science behind hydroelectric facilities and prepare to see Hydro Quebec like you’ve never seen it before.