8 easy hacks for designing the perfect morning routine

Jul 14 2017, 9:31 pm

You know the deal.

Your alarm goes off and you’re more than startled. Last night it kindly reminded you that you’d be waking up in six hours and 37 minutes. Whether you like it or not, now it’s 6:30 am and you need to get yourself together.

First thing’s first – coffee. While brewing is underway you jump in the shower. You let the water run hot for the first few minutes to hold onto that warm fuzzy sleepy feeling before turning the dial to get one refreshing blast of cold water.

That’s right. It blows your mind and suddenly you feel awake, alert, and ready for the day. The only problem? Time.

Because you’re a little disorganized, you’re short at least half an hour. And now you’re rushing, eating a banana as you walk out the door. You haven’t brushed your hair yet and you’re pretty sure it resembles a bird’s nest.

But don’t sweat it. There are ways that you can easily streamline your morning routine to maximize your efficiency for the day ahead. And to help you, we’ve compiled a list of eight hacks that you need to try.

Get your outfit ready the night before


Okay, on a regular morning you could spend anything from five to 10 minutes trying to decide what to wear, and this leaves you with less time to be productive. Whether you’re working at a startup, in a corporate office, or in a boutique, you want your style to be on trend. By simply picking your clothes and shoes the night before, you’ll have more time and feel confident that you’ve chosen the right outfit – otherwise you could walk into the office wearing polkadots and stripes. One tip: check the weather the night before to avoid wearing shorts when it’s pouring rain.

Pre-make breakfast

Overnight oats/Shutterstock

This one’s a game changer – you can easily make something delicious and nutritious like overnight oats with fruit in five minutes and leave it in a jar in the fridge for the next morning. Yep, that means your most important meal of the day is ready to go as soon as you wake up. Making it in a jar with a lid means you can easily take it to work if that works best for you, too.

Organize your stuff

SIDLER gliding mirror door/Sidler SIDELIGHT Medicine Cabinet

Although you may not realize it, you easily spend time searching through your cabinets in the morning. Whether it’s looking for your razor, a tweezers, makeup brushes, or a comb – it all adds up. And one way to eliminate that is by sorting out your essentials. You can actually combine three-things in one with a contemporary designed luxury gliding cabinet. Getting ready in the morning is a breeze when your cabinet acts as a mirror (on both sides), boasts seamless always-on LED lighting, a dimmable sidelight, outlets, plus USB ports too. Adding a cosmetic box means you’ll know where to look, even if your eyes are still half closed.

Play your favourite podcast

Girl listening to music/Shutterstock

Listen to a funny talk show or even a dance-inducing playlist. You won’t mind getting out of bed so much when you’re getting ready in tune with rhythmic beats or laughing out loud at your favourite radio presenters doing their thing. And when you think about it, anything that puts a two-step into your day from the word go is worth a try.



Finding your ‘zen’ differs from person to person. You might find an app can help you chill, doing some light yoga in your living room could help or just sitting with your legs crossed and eyes closed could turn your day from good to great. Meditating even if only for a few minutes can boost your mood and energy for the day ahead.

Scan your schedule


Chances are your day includes some meetings, events, or birthdays of your favourite people. Quickly scanning your daily schedule in the morning and making notes for the tasks you want to complete later in the day will help you feel more productive and start you off on a positive note. You’ll walk into your meetings with better ideas of what to say and you’ll make a friend smile with a happy birthday call or text. Everyone’s happy.

Give yourself a pep talk

SIDLER sidelight mirror/Sidler SIDELIGHT Medicine Cabinet

As cliché as it may sound, giving yourself a mini motivational speech in the morning can help turn a standard day into a spectacular day. Open your morning eyes wide and start with a smile, and from there, say whatever it takes to lift your mood. You could start with “I got this” or “today is going to be frickin awesome” and see where the wind takes you.

Charge your phone as you get ready

Girl charging phone using USB port/Sidler SIDELIGHT Medicine Cabinet

You know that feeling when you wake up, turn off your alarm and you phone signals that there’s less than 10% battery left. It’s no biggie when you can charge it up right where you’re playing music and brushing your hair at the same time. Simply grab it and go when you’re ready to leave the house and you’ve added an extra boost of cellular battery to your day.

When it comes to mornings, every little thing counts and every minute adds up. So when you’re able to easily access your morning tools like moisturizer, your hair dryer, and makeup in a hidden cabinet that powers your devices, is double-mirrored with a dimmable sidelight, and includes integrated LED lighting – everything is streamlined and early starts are way easier. Plus, you can see your true beauty clearly in the early hours of the day at the lighting level of your preference. And if you don’t like the positioning of your shelves, just change them because you can – they’re adjustable.

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