Montreal zoo fears for safety of allegedly stolen raven

Nov 27 2020, 11:08 pm

A zoo in Montreal says someone broke in this week and may have stolen a raven, a bird which they say has several health issues and cannot survive in the wild on its own.

Kola the raven went missing overnight between Monday and Tuesday, the Zoo Ecomuseum said in a Facebook post. Someone cut open Kola’s aviary, and it’s not known if the person took Kola for their own use or wanted to free the bird.

“Let me be very clear about the outcome of this act, for the benefit of whoever is responsible. This will most likely be a death sentence for Kola. Pure and simple,” said the zoo’s executive director, David Rodrigue.

Kola came to the zoo from a rehabilitation centre four years ago with a broken wing and other injuries. Rodrigue said the damage means the raven would not be able to survive if returned to the wild. Kola was receiving daily medication at the zoo, and needs specialized care including his meals prepared a certain way.

The zoo is asking for Kola to be returned and promises not to judge the person that did this. Authorities are also investigating the break-in.

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Posted by Zoo Ecomuseum on Thursday, November 26, 2020

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