The Samsung Galaxy S10 camera is about to change your Instagram game

Aug 7 2019, 3:06 pm

One picture can speak a thousand words, and there are so many photo opportunities surrounding you every single day.

Whether it’s how the light hits your window in the morning, the playful dogs at your office, or a selfie during your morning transit ride — there’s always a place to capture your current mood and create memories.

Naturally, the camera you use has a massive role to play in how these photos turn out. And since you’re not going to carry a DSLR around with you 24/7, you’ll want something just as good — the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Every smartphone user has their own list of favourite tech features that suit their lifestyle, but we can all agree that the camera hits the top of the charts time and time again – and thankfully, every Galaxy S10 is powered with superior camera capabilities to help you capture the moments that matter. That’s why Samsung Canada teamed up with Jean-Francois to show you what’s possible with the Galaxy S10 camera, and to inspire you to tell your story.

After all, the best camera is the one you have with you.

A camera that’s literally Pro-Grade

Montreal/Samsung Canada

It’s easy to take epic shots and videos with the Galaxy S10 thanks to its new and advanced camera technology. If you’re heading out on a hike or exploring a new city, the content that you capture will exceed your expectations as a result of the Ultra-Wide Lens with a 123-degree field of view.

It’s similar to the field of vision of the human eye, so what you see is what’s in the frame, making it perfect for impressive landscape shots, sprawling panoramas, and even for fitting all of your family and friends into one photo — we all know how much of a struggle that can be.

Super steady recording capabilities

Have you ever looked back at a video you uploaded on Instagram and wondered why on earth it looked so terrible? We’ve all been there. Thankfully, that’s a problem of the past with the Galaxy S10’s Super Steady recording with digital stabilization technology.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re zipping around Lachine to the Old Port or trying to record every detail of an energetic cycling journey along Le P’tit Train du Nord; Super Steady allows you to capture the scene seamlessly without blur or shake.

Your own personal photography assistant

Montreal/Samsung Canada

If you’re solo travelling, you don’t always have someone there to retake photos until you get the perfect shot. The Galaxy S10 helps you (and the kind person taking your photos) get the winning shot on your first attempt, thanks to its Shot Suggestion feature.

It offers automatic composition recommendations so you can frame your photo better and capture professional-grade photos more easily than ever.

A truly dynamic display

All incredible photos should be viewed on an equally incredible display that does them justice. The Samsung Galaxy S10 does that with its game-changing Dynamic AMOLED display.

As the first HDR10+-certified smartphone, the display boasts your vivid digital content, and dynamic tone mapping allows you to see a wide range of colour for a brilliant, realistic picture, even in bright sunlight (so long, squinting).

Last but not least, there’s Wireless PowerShare, which will make you the most popular person in the room. With the Galaxy S10, you can simultaneously charge your phone and other devices enabled for wireless charging, all with one cord. Now you won’t have to worry about your friend’s phone dying during a trip or your wireless headphones running out of juice. Wireless PowerShare is like magic.

The Galaxy S10 series is offered in three different sizes and colours — Prism White, Prism Blue, and Prism Black, and is now available at Samsung Experience Stores,, and at all major Canadian carriers, starting at $1,019.99 MSRP. Please see carriers for specific pricing details. The Galaxy S10+ is also offered in a Ceramic version, available in White or Black.

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