Rainbow coloured people have been spotted wandering around Montreal

Jul 10 2017, 6:02 pm

As part of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations, the city has hired a troupe of rainbow street performers called Les gens de couleur.

They’ve been giving impromptu performances around the city for the past couple of days and the fun is expected to continue until July 11th!

This rainbow performance starring “strange half-statue half-mime characters painted head to toe in colour” are part of the French theatre company, Ilotopie.


Expect to see people covered in the brightest colours of the rainbow, from turquoise to fuchsia.

The official description of the interpretive event reads, “They race by, mingle with passersby or merchants, then reunite with their colourful cohorts to take a break and create an amazing pop-up tableau—a welcome relief to the city’s dreary asphalt and concrete.”

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Head to the corner of St-Denis and de Maisonneuve Street at 7:15pm and 8:45pm until July 8th to see these colourful creatures in person.

Les Gens de Couleur

When: Until July 8th, 7:15 pm and 8:45 pm
Where: St-Denis at the corner of de Maisonneuve