You can watch quidditch in downtown Montreal

Oct 19 2016, 7:05 pm

Quidditch is real, people.

To prove it, Montreal’s own McGill University has their very own competitive quidditch team.

Complete with beaters, chasers, seekers, and even a golden snitch (aka a student dressed up in gold spandex) Montreal students have adapted the game into a fun sport fit for muggles.

Though you have to be a student to play on the varsity team, the team does hold open practices in which anyone from the Montreal community is invited to give quidditch a try.

Games are typically played on a soccer field with hula hoops on varying heights of poles set up at each end of the field, and of course, each player must carry an obligatory broom between their legs at all times.

Grab that Gryffindor scarf and try your hand at the most famous sport in the wizarding world.
For a full calendar of events (and when the team is hosting their next open practice), keep up to date with the McGill Quidditch Facebook page.