56,000 homes around Quebec are still without power

Nov 4 2019, 7:32 am

Four days after a storm knocked out power to over a million people across Quebec, outages continue to impact thousands.

Uprooted trees, fallen branches, and torn-up power lines have unfortunately become the norm throughout the province as the aftermath of a wicked wind and rainfall cocktail has left 56,000 customers around the province powerless.

Hydro-Québec workers were reportedly on the ground all weekend and have restored electricity to 94% of customers throughout Quebec.

According to the utility company, HQ received help from Ontario, Detroit, the Maritimes and “other Quebec companies” in restoring power and have said they are “committed to restoring your service as soon as possible.”

As of 8 am on Monday, a majority of the 56,000 Quebecers left without power are in the Eastern Townships. Around the Montreal area, over 400 homes are still without electricity.

“Given the considerable extent of the event, it is difficult for us to predict how long it will take for power to be restored,” states a Hydro-Québec news release. “Rest assured that our teams will work day and night to restore service.

“In some sectors, these are complete sections of the network that are to be rebuilt. In other places, transformers and poles are changing. This work requires the preparation and delivery of equipment throughout Quebec.”


The company shared pictures from the aftermath of the storm on its website and vowed to continually update people about power outages through social media.



Hydro-Québec reminds customers to use “the utmost caution” when it comes to power failures and live electrical wires, asking citizens to consult their “tips for handling a power outage” page for more information.