You can get a Pokémon Go tattoo in Montreal for as low as $50

Jul 26 2016, 4:36 am

DFA Tattoos is having a flash sale on Pokémon GO tattoos in Montreal! The shop’s artists will be tattooing fans with palm­sized Pokémon GO tattoos for as low as $50 a piece.

DFA Montreal

Tatouage DFA Tattoos/Facebook

Pokémon GO has been all the rage with the kids and the adult­kids alike since it was made available to Canadians in the middle of July. According to Angus Philip Byers, a tattoo artist at the shop, the flash tattoo sale was a way for the shop to get in on the fun.

“We were intending on it being a one-day thing but now we are going to do it whenever people call and request them until the end of the week,” said Byers.

Kay Notinline/Facebook

“We’ve got a tracing of all 151 original ones and we have some custom ones too. As long as it’s smaller than a palm size we will honour the price,” Byers said.

And, the Pokémon GO fun doesn’t stop there.

Foonzo, the gaming bar on Drummond, has a poke­stop that they’ve been attaching lures to fairly frequently, so it’s a full­ on Pokémon GO bananza in the city man,” Byers said.

Image: Foonzo/Facebook

You can get your Pokémon GO tattoo on sale until this Sunday!

Cora MacDonaldCora MacDonald