What's it like working at one of the fastest growing companies in Montreal? (PHOTOS)

Jun 14 2022, 8:48 pm

Opening its first office in Canada in late 2020, Dialectica today counts over 150 employees in Montreal and is on track for reaching over 200 people in the coming months. The company’s second office in Canada, and more specifically in Vancouver, which opened its doors less than a year ago, is further proof that Dialectica is experiencing skyrocketing growth and continuously invests in local talent.

What are the top reasons that so many recent university graduates and talented professionals in Canada are looking to join Dialectica? The answer lies in the unique company culture, high-energy environment, and numerous opportunities to develop key soft and business skills to accelerate their professional growth within the company and beyond. 

So what is a day in the life of a “Dialectican” really like? Let’s take a look at their photo album to understand why the company creates buzz.

The day begins with a morning meeting. Here, the client service team members meet to set priorities, daily objectives, and establish action plans to follow throughout the day.

The client service team acts as a knowledge broker between the clients and industry experts. In fact, it partners with the company’s clients to understand their knowledge gaps and identify experts with the most relevant experience and insights that can address them.

What does this mean in practice? Picture this: one day you’re working with private equity firms to help them better understand the sub-Saharan African telecommunications market, while the next day assisting a strategy consultancy looking into the growth outlook for solar energy in the Middle East.

Fresh fruits and healthy snacks in the morning can help the employees stay vibrant and energized throughout the day — the favourite healthy snack as voted by “Dialecticans”? Bananas.

The company consists of different departments all working together to deliver excellent service to Dialectica’s clients, experts, and employees. Here, members of different teams such as client service, learning and development, people and culture, and client protection gathered for a commemorative photo.

Every month Dialectica becomes the home for new employees. Fun, break-the-ice activities take place to help new joiners adjust to Dialectica’s high-energy culture. Here, for the first day in the office, a client service manager and a new joiner reenact a popular movie scene. Can you guess the movie? Hint: check the photo in the window.

Welcoming new joiners doesn’t stop at Dialectica’s signature onboarding program and fun team bonding moments. The company’s new members also receive their own desk plant as a welcome gift.

Speaking of plants, pictured here are members of the client protection team — responsible for ensuring that the data and personal information of their clients, experts and people are well protected. Bonus responsibility? Keeping their desk plants well watered!

In the afternoon and evenings, “Dialecticans” never miss an opportunity to party and celebrate; from international days, local festivities, company anniversaries, team achievements, birthdays, and of course… Halloween. 

Just another example: one of the teams took some extra lunch break minutes to celebrate a team milestone together.

And for this year’s International Women’s Day, team Dialectica created (and tasted) yummy cupcakes with their ERG’s Women@Dialectica logo on top. 

Throwback: some of the very first “Dialecticans” in Montreal on a beautiful day at the park.

Dialectica invests in its people, enriching its activities’ agenda accordingly and making sure that their well-being and personal development sit at the heart of the organization.

To learn more about #teamDialectica and the career opportunities in Montreal and across its offices, click here.

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