A new donut store is opening to Montreal

Sep 21 2016, 10:23 pm

Just what the city needed.

Soon enough, Montreal is going to be home to a brand new donut shop. DoughNats, an online donut shop that has been operating in Montreal for some time now, has recently hinted that they will be opening up their first location.

According to their Facebook page, the new store is to be located somewhere on Decarie, and boy, we canā€™t wait.

There are currently ten unique flavours available for order on their website. Flavours include Midnight Snack (covered with white icing and Fruity Pebbles cereal), Snap Crackle Pop (topped with marshmallow icing and miniature Rice Krispie squares), Pink Elephant (made with raspberry icing and freeze dried raspberries), and Ice Cap (smothered in…you guessed it, coffee icing and chocolate covered coffee beans).

And did we mention how hilariously punny some of the names are? Three other donut flavours are rocking the monikers Tru-Doh, Cinder(Nut)Ella, and Or-E-Doh.
Hereā€™s hoping the store opens ASAP!

Emily SoutheyEmily Southey

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