Montreal ranks as second best city in the world for attracting remote workers

Nov 4 2021, 12:00 pm

Montreal is the second-best city in the world for attracting remote workers, according to a new study.

WorkMotion, a global job hiring website, has conducted a study that uses data to reveal which cities worldwide are the most accessible and attractive for remote workers. The results of the study place Montreal in the top three spots.

The study assesses a variety of factors relating to remote work, including employment compliance, living costs, infrastructure, liveability, and location trends.

Since office work is no longer the default option for companies, WorkMotion says an “increasing number of employees are able to relocate to destinations that best suit their lifestyles while working remotely. The website pointed out that companies can now hire the world’s top talent regardless of their place of residence.

“Using our deep knowledge of compliance regulations, we decided to conduct a study to understand which cities are most accessible and appealing for remote workers,” says the company.

The first factor WorkMotion studied was compliance, both in terms of companies hiring remote workers and employees looking to relocate. The study assessed how easy it is for companies to comply with employment laws in each city, the legal requirements for remote working, and whether each location offers a remote working visa.

On a score of 100, Montreal’s “Remote Working Compliance” category scored 96.50 for “Ease of Compliance” and 92.10 for “Legal Requirements.”

Work Motion

WorkMotion also identified a list of indicators that impact whether a city is a good place for relocation, covering employment compliance regulations, infrastructure, costs and liveability. They then assessed thousands of global cities against a range of factors related to remote working before selecting the best scoring 80 cities.

Next, WorkMotion studied each city’s civic infrastructure, assessing levels of gender equality, minority equality, LGBT+ equality, political stability, and safety/security in each city. Montreal averaged a sparkling score of 96.46, spread out across the seven factors.

Finally, the study considered liveability by analyzing the level of happiness that citizens have in each city and the cultural attractions on offer and the mobility options.

Montreal received a 95.10 in overall happiness, 82.68 in cultural attractions, and 89.86 in mobility.

Overall, Montreal received a total score of 98.20 ā€” good for second in the world, trailing only Melbourne, Australia, for the best city to attract remote workers.

The index studied 80 cities around the world, with the top 10 unfolding as follows:

  1. Melbourne – 100.00
  2. Montreal – 98.20
  3. Sydney – 97.76
  4. Wellington – 97.68
  5. Prague – 95.29
  6. Toronto – 94.09
  7. Tallinn – 93.27
  8. Zagreb – 89.17
  9. Singapore – 88.63
  10. Dublin – 87.53

Toronto was the only other Canadian city to rank in WorkMotion’s top 10, and Vancouver ranked 15th overall.

The full methodology and more insight can be found on WorkMotion’s full global study.

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