21 things to do in Montreal this weekend: April 28 to April 30

Apr 28 2017, 4:57 pm

It’s the last weekend in April so it’s time to make it count!

Among the activities taking place this weekend are a massive record convention, $1 coffee week, a spectacular lights show at the Notre Dame Basilica, Cirque du Soleil’s VOLTA, a pirate ship obstacle course in Old Port, and free entry to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Take advantage of the spring weather and explore our fair city!

Check out 21 things to do in montreal this weekend: April 28 – 30.

Friday, April 28

$1 Coffee Week

J’aime Mon Cafe is making coffee that more accessible by hosting a $1 coffee week in Montreal. The organization has partnered with 30 independent coffee shops across the city, all of which have agreed to sell coffee for a mere loonie between April 24 and 29, 2017. Participating Montreal cafes include Cafe Osmo, Coffee Perko, Barcelona Bar Espresso, My Little Cup Montreal, Yes But No, and many more. There are only two days left to enjoy this exclusive promotion!
When: April 24-29
Where: For a map of participating restaurants, click here.

Aura at the Notre Dame Basilica

An immersive and luminous experience is happening right now at Montreal’s Notre Dame Basilica. Owing to the city’s 375th anniversary, Montreal’s most famous landmark is putting on a mesmerizing light show for the rest of 2017. Created by Moment Factory, Aura is a two-act multimedia show featuring both music and special lighting effects. According to the official description, “AURA will help visitors discover one of Canada’s greatest heritage monuments in a whole new way and will move them with its portrayal of its treasures.”
When: April 28, 6 pm and 8 pm
Where: Notre Dame Basilica, 110 Notre-Dame St W

Cirque du Soleil’s VOLTA

Canadian entertainment company, Cirque du Soleil, has returned to its hometown this spring to perform its newest show, VOLTA. Volta is the travelling company’s latest show which tells a story centered on the freedom to choose and create your own path. Inspired by action sports, the show will feature a series of acrobatic stunts, an emotional score, a “visually striking” set, and a spiritual theme. Prepare for one of the most raw and emotional stories ever told by Cirque du Soleil.
When: Until July 23
Where: Under the Big Top, Old Port of Montreal

La Diperie

Beloved ice cream shop, La Diperie, is officially open for the 2017 season! Providing Montrealers with the most scrumptious dipped ice cream cones out there, we couldn’t be happier that it’s finally open again. As per usual, La Diperie is serving up mouthwatering flavour combinations that have already resulted in a line out the door. For those that don’t know, La Diperie operates like so: First, you choose your ice cream. Next, you choose what you’d like your soft serve ice cream to be dipped in, and finally, you select your toppings. Dipping options include dark chocolate, chocolate hazelnut, caramel, peanut butter, and many more, while toppings range from pistachios and Oreo crumbles, to pretzels, sprinkles, raspberry cheesecake, crumbled tortillas, and coconut sugar.
When: Hours vary by location
Where: For a list of locations, click here

Montreal Digital Spring

Quartier des Spectacles is hosting a unique digital art festival all season long. Throughout the months of March, April, May, and June, Quartier des Spectacles will see all sorts of events pertaining to the digital arts. These include a media lab, live musical performances, and sculptures. Be sure to check out what’s going on in Quartier des Spectacles every weekend in the spring.
When: March 21-June 21
Where: Quartier des Spectacles

Virtual Reality Garden: Felix and Paul Studios

Step back into the Phi Centre’s virtual reality garden, this time showcasing the works of Felix and Paul Studios. This “eclectic and powerful” collection boasts 7 of the studio’s best virtual reality creations, including many curated in collaboration with Cirque du Soleil. Prepare to be amazed by everything from fire and acrobats to President Obama and amphibious characters.
When: March 22-May 29
Where: Phi Centre

Walk up Mount Royal

The weather has finally turned so why not take advantage? Go for your first spring walk up Mount Royal! Explore the flora and fauna, wander a new trail, or even have a picnic at Beaver Lake. There is so much to explore at this Montreal landmark.
When: Anytime
Where: Mount Royal

Saturday, April 29

Montreal Record Convention

Time to dust off your old record player because Montreal is hosting a massive record sale. Officially called the Montreal Record Convention, this annual event sees hundreds of Montrealers flocking to Mile End church, Église St-Enfant Jésus. Hosted by Aux 33 Tours and Discs Beatnick, the Montreal Record Convention has nearly 50 vendors selling all sorts of records. The vendors will be made up of independent merchants selling records from their personal collections. Thus, you can expect many rare vinyls. In addition to the vendors, the event will also feature live DJs who will be playing music all day long.
When: April 29, 8 am-4 pm
Where: 5035 Rue St-Dominique

21 Swings

Montreal’s beloved 21 Swings (or 21 Balancoires) has returned to Promenade des Artistes! Open until May 28, is there any better sign that spring has arrived? The interactive, music art installation has us all feeling like children again as we swing back and forth while a beautiful melody plays. Created by Daily tous les jours, in collaboration with animal behaviourist Luc-Alain Giraldeau and composer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, this fun and colourful urban playground is open 24 hours a day between April 10th and May 28th.
When: April 10-May 28
Where: Promenade des Artistes

Blue Metropolis Festival

One of the city’s best literary festival returns for yet another year. This year’s festival features all sorts of events, ranging from workshops to readings. In addition, a multitude of literature will be represented including graphic novels, poetry, and both fiction and nonfiction. Read more about the 2017 programming here.
When: April 24-30
Where: Various locations

CSI: The Experience

The Montreal Science Centre recently became home to an all new exhibition titled CSI: The Experience. The interactive, crime scene-themed exhibit opens April 6th and is based on the famous television show of the same name. According to the exhibition’s description, CSI: The Experience is a “learning adventure into the world of criminalistics,” that encourages participants to crack the case. Museum-goers will get to draw their own conclusions about the evidence presented and try to decipher which clues need further analysis. From there, participants will have the opportunity to compare tire tracks and shell casings and to carry out real-life forensics tests, such as blood spatter and DNA analysis.
When: Until September 4
Where: Montreal Science Centre

Aislin: 50 Years of Cartoons

A brand new exhibit on famed Canadian editorial cartoonist, Aislin, just opened at the McCord Museum. The exhibit showcases 50 years worth of work from Aislin, whose real name is Terry Mosher. Mosher wrote for the Gazette for many years, and is considered one of the most influential political cartoonists in all of Canada. In fact, Maclean’s has even referred to Aislin as “probably the best satirist in Canada.” Not only does Aislin’s work make you think, but it reflects “Canadian society in its beautiful and less glorious moments.”
When: Until August 13, 2017
Where: McCord Museum, 690 Sherbrooke St W

Explore a new bike path

Bixi Bikes are now back on the roads which means it’s time to start exploring our city’s beautiful bike paths. With bike paths all around the city, cycling in Montreal has never been easier. And if you know where to go, you’ll find that Montreal boasts some pretty magical bike paths – so magical in fact, they may give you a whole new perspective on your favourite city. So hop on your bike, borrow one from a friend, or take advantage of the city’s Bixi bikes and get pedalling! For a little inspiration, check out the most beautiful bike paths in Montreal.
When: Anytime
Where: Various locations

Fashioning Expo 67

The McCord Museum has announced a temporary exhibition on fashion from the Expo 67 era. The exhibit, titled Fashioning Expo 67, explores the “effervescence of Montreal’s fashion moment.” Over 60 outfits will make up the exhibition, ranging from hostess uniforms to paper dresses, all of which have been created by Quebec designers. Further, Fashioning Expo 67 will feature accessories like hats, gloves, umbrellas, purses, and jewellry, as well as drawings, photographs, documents, and film footage of the fashion at Expo 67.
When: March 17 – October 1
Where: McCord Museum, 690 Sherbrooke St W


Defy gravity and scale a building like Spiderman courtesy of Old Port’s ultra fun adventure, Decalade. The Decalade challenge is happening at the Conveyer Key Tower in Old Port right now! Participants can choose from a variety of challenges, from the 1-hour “dizzying trip”, to the 3-hour “controlled vertical descent facing the ground like Mission Impossible.” This activity is sure to get your blood pumping as you put yourself in the shoes of all the action hero greats. Sessions are by appointment only and range from $89.99 to $149.00. You can also pay $39.99 for a panoramic selfie as you descend from the roof.
When: By appointment only
Where: Conveyer Key Tower

Sunday, April 30

Free Entry to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Free on the last Sunday of each month, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the city’s top museum completely free of charge. With everything from graphic and contemporary art to Latin American and First Nations art, there is plenty to see at this gorgeous museum.
When: April 30
Where: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Voiles en Voiles

Voiles en Voiles has returned to Old Port once again! Open all summer long, this attraction encourages both children and adults to “live a memorable adventure.” This family park features 61 activities and will have Montrealers exploring a giant pirate ship by way of climbing, sliding, aerial adventure courses, and inflatable games. Whether you want to soar 20 feet high in the air, conquer a built-in rock climbing wall, or play in a bouncy castle, there is something for everyone.
When: Until the end of October
Where: Place des Vestiges, Old Port

La Cabane de Danny

There is a new ice cream place in town: La Cabane de Danny. Located in Chinatown, this eatery serves up traditional Hong Kong egg waffles, inside which are all sorts of delicious ice cream flavours and toppings. Each waffle is filled with two scoops of the ice cream of your choosing, and options range from matcha and black sesame, to mango and red bean. Meanwhile, the topping selection is seriously out of this world including the likes of Oreos, M&Ms, chocolate drizzle, cornflakes, strawberries, sprinkles, strawberry sauce, condensed milk, and chocolate chips.
When: 11 am-9 pm daily
Where: 52A Rue de la Gauchetière O

Chagall: Colour and Music

A special exhibition on world-renowned painter, Marc Chagall, is on at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts right now. The exhibit, titled “Chagall: Colour and Music,” explores the importance of music in Chagall’s life. It is multidisciplinary, featuring over 400 works ranging from sculptures and paintings to photographs and films. In addition, puppets, costumes, stained glass windows, maquettes, and gouaches are on display. According to the official site, “Music was a constant source of inspiration” for the Russian-French artist. “A favourite subject for his creations, it served as an internal rhythm and driving force for his compositions, and a key to the intensity and range of colour in his work.”
When: January 28-June 11, 2017
Where: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Butterflies Go Free

The Montreal Botanical Garden’s annual “Butterflies Go Free” exhibit is back for another year. Taking over the Main Exhibition Greenhouse from February 23rd until April 30th, 2017, visitors can step into a humid tropical oasis that will make you forget all about winter. As you take in the fragrant flowers and diverse greenery, hundreds of stunning butterflies will fly around you. Feel them as they lightly brush your arm mid-air or examine them up close while perched on a flower.
When: February 23-April 30, 2017
Where: The Montreal Botanical Garden

Sirop Urban Shack

Quebec eco-entrepreneur permaculture community, Terra Perma, is hosting a popup sugar shack in Montreal between March 18th and April 30th. Sirop Urban Shack is set up in Montreal neighbourhood, St. Henri, and features an all-you-can-eat menu filled with maple goodies courtesy of Terra Perma’s artisanal small batch syrup. Dishes include pea soup, home-style potatoes, smoked bacon, pancakes, sugar pie, and more. Plus, the atmosphere is said to be both fun and enchanting, with a mixture of laid back and gourmet vibes. Tickets cost $20 each so be sure to get yours before they’re gone! This is one of the best opportunities you’ll get to experience a sugar shack without leaving the city.
When: March 18-April 30
Where: 3580 Notre-Dame W

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