How accurate is this new Montreal-themed Monopoly board?

Feb 28 2022, 5:45 pm

A few years ago, a reddit user by the name of Alexsoloification introduced the internet to his Montreal-themed parody of the classic Monopoly board game.

This past week, the Reddit user released a “2.0 version,” which earned him a ton of online praise, sprinkled with a fair bit of criticism.


The game’s purple properties feature the likes of neighbourhoods like Hochelaga and Maisonneuve in place of the classic Baltic and Mediterranean avenues from the original Hasbro board. Ville Marie and Le Sud Ouest take up the most expensive real estate in the Montreal version.

Meanwhile, the electric company has been aptly replaced by Hydro Québec and Gaz Métro. The Free Parking square has been switched for one featuring the Lotto Québec logo as well.

Finally, our favourite feature of the new-and-improved board game is that ending up in Laval is this edition’s version of being sent to jail, a statement many city lovers would fully agree with.

Since Alexsoloification posted the board this past weekend, arguments regarding the inclusion or exclusion of certain aspects of the game by fellow Redditors have ensued.

On the bright side, most of the replies consisted of people wanting to order their very own copy of the game.

Here are a few of our favourite comments from the thread.

The creator of the board has already teased the possibility of a third version. What additions would you like to see?
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