Montreal taxi drivers are fighting for the right to wear black jeans

Sep 12 2016, 8:03 pm

Montreal taxi drivers are fighting back against a bylaw that imposes a strict dress code on all taxi drivers on duty.

The bylaw was passed in January and requires taxi drivers to be wearing long, black pants and a white shirt at all times. During the summer months, taxi drivers are able to wear black bermuda shorts and a white shirt.

The bylaw was passed in an effort to improve taxi services to be able to compete with Uber.

Since the bylaw went into effect, over 100 taxi drivers have been fined $174 for being caught wearing clean, black jeans.

The Montreal Taxi Bureau never made it clear that black jeans do not fall within the bounds of the prescribed dress code, and yet city inspectors have taken it upon themselves to interpret the law to exclude black jeans.

In response, a group of Montreal taxi drivers have filed an injunction against the City of Montreal’s Taxi Bureau, and demanded that the current dress code be suspended until the issue is settled.

Clearly the Taxi Bureau has A LOT of time on their hands. Seriously.