City of Montreal to recycle dying ash trees into art and furniture

Apr 5 2018, 4:58 am

The city of Montreal will be helping take over one hundred dying ash trees from Mont Royal and helping to turn them into dried boards and planks for use in cabinetmaking projects.

The Executive Committee of the City of Montreal announced on Wednesday, April 4 that a total sum of $21,700 would be granted to Bois Public for the project.

Bois Public is a local non-profit organization. Their aim is to contribute to a “circular economy” by helping turn public trees into furniture, an act that’s meant to promote “socio-professional integration and return public trees to the community.”

Luc Ferrandez, head of large parks, green spaces, and major projects, shared that the project also helps “reduce the amount of wood to be dumped and the costs of landfilling” as well as “reduc[ing] greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation of wood residues.”

Other initiatives in which the city Bois Public will be undergoing include manufacturing a solar wood dryer, developing community partnerships, and manufacturing close to 75 pieces of furniture.

The project will begin within the next few weeks before the ash trees degrade from the increase in temperature.

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