You can be fined over $300 for parking in handicap spaces in Montreal

Jun 4 2019, 7:14 pm

Montreal police have set out to remind citizens that disabled parking spots are to be left open to those in need.

The SPVM released a statement today, in collaboration with Moelle Épinière et Motricité Québec, to remind motorists that parking in a handicap spot can result in a $312 ticket.

The police force says they’ve been ticketing motorists who are parked illegally but are also informing stores and restaurants that they must properly identify disabled parking spots with official signs.

The SPVM says that simply painting a wheelchair sign on the parking spot is not enough.

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In honour of la Semaine québécoise des personnes handicapée (June 1 to 7), Montreal police will carry out operations simultaneously in 15 neighborhoods throughout the island.

Authorities will focus on the respect of signage, mainly in parking areas of shopping malls and restaurants.

The statement concludes by reminding Montreal motorists that disabled parking permits are for people and not vehicles.

“The parking sticker belongs solely to the disabled person,” reads the SPVM’s announcement in French. “It is not associated with the vehicle attached to it but the person with disabilities who applied through the SAAQ.”