This street-side food festival starts June 11 as part of Mural Fest

May 28 2019, 5:57 pm

Grill Saint-Laurent is the Inception of festivals — a festival within a festival.

The city of Montreal is oozing with events in the summer, so much so that they have started fusing some of them into each other.

With Mural Fest right around the corner, Grill Saint-Laurent will be joining the party on The Main and start cooking up some serious food in an epic culinary competition.

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Ten restaurants will prepare 10 exclusive dishes on street-side grills for only $6 each (or four dishes for $20).

The respective dishes will be evaluated by a selected jury before a $1,000 cash prize winner is announced at the end of the competition on June 13.


The judges will be composed of Danny Smiles from Le Bremner, Felipe St-Laurent from Ils en Fument du Bon, and Elise Tastet from Tastet.

The 10 different restaurants will set up food outlets on the Mural Fest grounds, each offering a signature dish.

Grill Saint Laurent’s site will feature DJs, picnic tables, and bar kiosks.

If you haven’t yet started testing out which sweat pants may suit best for the upcoming food fest, check out last May’s promotional video for Grill Saint-Laurent:


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Like in previous years, the four-day festival will be set up in the parking lot next to the Station 16 Art Gallery on Saint Laurent Boulevard amidst traffic from Mural Fest and the Fringe Festival.

Grill Saint Laurent

When: June 11-14
Time: 11 am – 9 pm
Where: 3527 Boulevard Saint Laurent
Price: $6 per food voucher/$20 for 4