21 questions with: Thomas Vernis

Aug 16 2016, 6:20 pm

With the plethora of amazing movers and shakers residing in Montreal, we figured why not get them to open up a little and allow you to get to know the face behind the brand.

From restaurant owners to fashion designers and those making a difference in our community, every week we will be featuring someone new and giving you a quick and intimate access into where they eat, shop, chill, and of course, have coffee.

Let the 21 questions begin….

Name: Thomas Vernis

Place of birth: Marseille, France

Where do you live now? Old Montreal

Favourite thing about your hood: The tourism and old world charm!

Occupation: Restaurantrepreneur , Owner and operator of Santos Tapas, Dolcetto & Co. , Tommy Café, and NoirFluo – a graphic design agency.

If you can describe your job in a few words, what would it be: Making sure my staff and clients are as happy as possible

Favourite spot to grab coffee: @tommymontreal of course and Lili & Oli

If you can eat breakfast at one place all day I’d be at: Beauty’s (respect!)

You party the night away at: Not a late night kinda guy! I’m in bed by midnight…

Your perfect place to relax is: Countryhouse by a lake

Favourite local shop for cool gear: Rooney in Old Montreal

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Local getaway you can’t get enough of: Oli B’s country house haha!

Best spot to grab a drink: The Cloakroom Bar downtown

New spot you’re most excited about: Atwater Cocktail Club .

When you need to break a sweat you go to: Mont Royal or Klub Athletik in Griffintown

Best meal you’ve had in Montreal: When good friends come over and we cook up a storm at mi casa!

What annoys you the most about Montreal: Construction and the random detours! It’s infuriating!

What do you love the most about Montreal: The overall good vibes & 4 distinct seasons

What makes someone a Montrealer: A person that says yes a lot, has been to Schwartz, and isn’t down with the Maple Leafs or the Bruins…

How do you survive winter here: Caribbean escapades as often as possible

And finally, Montreal is….: Home

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