11 places to cool off during a heat wave in Montreal

Aug 10 2016, 11:40 am

We’re now into August and there’s no doubt about it, summer in Montreal is hot, hot, hot. Though we are not complaining, it’s fair to say that sometimes, the heat and the humidity are simply unbearable.

When the hot summer weather gets to be too much, it’s time to seek refuge at any one of the places below.

From air-conditioned movie theatres to breezy rooftop terrasses and beer gardens, this list is guaranteed to help you survive a heat wave in Montreal.

At a movie theatre

Escape the heat and head to any one of Montreal’s movie theatres. No, there aren’t any secret pools or water parks in there but there is a hell of a lot of air conditioning. Enjoy the pure bliss that is AC on full blast while watching a movie for a couple hours one afternoon this summer.
Where: Various locations

Along the Lachine Canal

There’s no finer way to spend a Saturday morning in Montreal than kayaking on the Lachine Canal. You’ll get some exercise and you’ll cool off thanks to the rushing canal water. The Lachine Canal Nautical Centre is open all summer and is just steps from Atwater Market. Kayaks and paddleboats are available for rent.
Where: Lachine Canal, 2727 Rue Saint Patrick

At La Ronde

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La Ronde has a ton of rides that will ensure you get soaked, or at least misted, with refreshing cold water. Some of the most famous water rides include La Pitoune, Le Splash, Aqua Twist, and the new for 2016, Demon.
Where: 22 Chemin MacDonald

At a public pool

Grab your towel and hit up an outdoor pool in Montreal. There are tons scattered throughout the city, some of which are even free. This way, after time spent lying in the sun and tanning you will actually be able to cool off by plunging into a giant pool of delightfully refreshing water.
Where: Various locations, for more information click here

…Or at a wading pool

Don’t want to trek all the way to a public pool? Why not cool off at a wading pool. You won’t be able to swim but it’ll still do the trick. You can splash around with your friends or even just let your feet soak in the water. Guaranteed either way, it will feel great. Parc Jeanne Mance and Parc La Fontaine both have wading pools for the public to enjoy.
Where: Various locations

At Beaver Lake

Feel the wind in your hair by getting out on the water at Beaver Lake. Though the lake isn’t for swimming, Montrealers can rent boats and paddle about for a couple of hours. When it’s 30+ degrees outside, even just being near the water feels fantastic.
Where: Beaver Lake, Mount Royal

On a zipline

Zoom your way across Old Port on Montreal’s very own urban zipline. Soar high above the historic port and catch some awesome views of Montreal, while cooling off in the wind created by your own momentum.
Where: Hangar 16, 363 Rue de la Commune Est

On a rooftop terrasse

Get some air on one of Montreal’s gorgeous rooftop terrasses. Even during a heat wave, sitting high above the city and sipping on sangria is a surefire way to cool off. And hey, if you’re still feeling hot after one drink it’s just an excuse to buy another.
Where: Various locations, for more information click here

At Beachclub

Grab your car and head over to Beachclub, just a 40 minute drive from downtown Montreal. Part electronic club and part beach paradise, Beachclub is the perfect place to forget your troubles (and lower your body temperature). Dance, sing, drink, or just relax and swim in the water. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Beachclub is a great place to spend a heat wave.
Where: 701 38 Rue, Pointe-Calumet

At an outdoor beer garden

Looking for a cool, breezy place to drink beer? Then you may want to head to one of Montreal’s many beer gardens. As we’re known for out terrasse culture, it’s no surprise that the city also boasts some pretty awesome beer gardens. From The Bier Markt downtown to Vices & Versa in Little Italy, Montreal offers plenty of locations to kick back with a cold beer in hand, making all that sweating just a little more bearable.
Where: Various locations, for more information click here

At Jean-Dore Beach

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Spend an afternoon at Jean-Dore Beach located on Parc Jean-Drapeau. With a sandy beach and miniature lake suitable for swimming, Jean-Dore Beach offers the perfect place to relax, cool off, and escape the city. You can even check out Aquazilla or the Flyboard if you’re feeling adventurous.
Where: Parc Jean Drapeau

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