Coast train: You can travel from Montreal to Halifax for under $140 this spring

Mar 28 2022, 8:45 pm

Why not celebrate the beauty of spring by visiting the beautiful Atlantic coast of Halifax?

VIA Rail is offering a pretty sweet deal for its Montreal-Halifax “The Ocean” plan, offering the 1.346-kilometre one-way trip for under $140.

Taking off from Gare Centrale, “The Ocean” route travels north of Montreal before crossing through Moncton, Truro, and Amherst before arriving in Halifax.

VIA Rail

The train takes one day and one night and is offered in Economy Fare for $137 for a variety of dates this spring.

VIA Rail is also offering its two-person cabin, which includes showers and in-cabin dining, for $650.

The Economy Fare is a single-seat, but guests will have access to the service cart (meals not included), free Wi-Fi, and, of course, gorgeous scenic views of the east coast.

“Stretch out in your cozy quarters,” says VIA Rail. “Enjoy the moment with friends and family. Lose track of timeā€¦ and cross the Maritimes in a single day.”

For more information and perks, visit VIA Rail’s “The Ocean” route website and mix and match dates for this spring (through Economy Fare) to check out the railroad’s $137 one-way trip to Halifax.

Happy travels!

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